Hi, I’m Samantha!

As a (soon to be) certified nutritionist, holistic healthy lifestyle coach, fitness fanatic, habit builder and breaker, and someone who once placed all my hope and joy in my (in)ability to PERFECTLY follow whatever strict nutrition or exercise “rules” I created for myself – I finally cracked the code on finding peace with my own nutrition, fitness, thoughts, actions, habits, and life.

And I’ll tell you what the *BIG SECRET* is…

Thought-awareness, intentional actions, and grace.

That’s it. 

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A healthy lifestyle starts and stops with what we’re thinking. Which is rooted in what we allow to fill our mind. Whether actively or inactively. Being aware of those thoughts and intentionally SHIFTING them is the key to a robust life.

With this strategy, you will not only shift your health – but you will see your passions, relationships, careers, and life in general take on a new light.

What does nutrition have to do with friendships, financial situations, mindset, or career goals?

What, how, why, and when we *CHOOSE* to eat is a direct reflection of how we think of ourselves and others.

Our actions are the end-point of our thoughts and mental state.

When we have a positive mindset, we have positive emotions. When we have positive emotions, we have positive actions & behaviors. When we have positive behaviors, we have positive consequences.

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Wellness Watered is all about women living their most content lives while pursuing their (mental + physical) health, careers, passions, and relationships goals – big or small. Simplifying the process, and removing the guilt or pressure by starting from a place of wholeness, finding joy in the journey and resting in what matters most . That’s what wellness is to me. 

And I want to help women live their fullest lives with unapologetic confidence and contentment by letting deep-rooted joy, grace, and contentment become second nature – permanently.

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I created Wellness Watered after I walked through a season of learning how to simplify health & to use it as a way to bring the best “me” into every facet of my life, instead of complicating it and using it as a tool to achieve perfection.

There is so much life to be lived when we lay down the pressure to perform or prove.

We have to Water our desire to be Well (healthy, successful, and confident) by starting at the root.

Without continuously renewing our hearts & minds with truth, our striving will be worthless & our goals will never be met. 

Whether health and wellness is your passion, you desire a more balanced lifestyle, or you just want to find contentment and confidence with where you are today, welcome!

I firmly believe that doing more is not always better, but doing less – more consistently – is best.

1:1 & Group Nutrition Coaching to start Summer 2021

Space is limited! Get your name on the list early: 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there!
    I found your site from a comment on Station Seven! Haha I just wanted to say I’m so glad I found it. It’s funny how God leaves us those little nuggets to keep us going when we need it most. Thank you for being unafraid if speaking truth! I look forward to reading your content.
    God bless you!


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