Finding Balance During The Holidays – without obsessing over the scale

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I can practically smell it now…. The turkey roasting for hours, pumpkin pie being baked, and hot sourdough rolls fresh out of the oven.

When Thanksgiving comes around, it’s almost like it’s a hidden rule that you wear your stretchy jeans and a big sweater because you just know it’s about to go down in Turkey-Town.

You try to perfectly plan your outfit so it’s still cute for photo-ops but definitely loose and flowy for when you’re feelin’ like a slug come 3:00… aaaand because we all know 2nd’s, 3rd’s, and maybe even 4th’s are in order.  Because when grandma brings her apple crumble, ain’t nobody gonna turn that down. No matter how miserable you are after your 3rd round of stuffing.

There’s almost this unspoken social rule to stuff your face until you wanna cry, and then do it all over again when the dessert table is revealed.

But even though the hype of it all is so exciting, part of you sorta feels bummed in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, or whatever the holiday may be. Because it’s already November and you’re still trying to catch up to your New Years Resolution to lose 5 pounds, eat healthier, or workout more.

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Half of you wants to push the limits before the holidays to burn as many calories on the dread-mill as possible while only eating kale salads with grilled chicken. Butttt the other half of you figures you’ve already failed at your goals for this year, might as well throw in the towel, bring out the fat pants and chalk this year up as a loss because like I said: grandma’s apple crumble…

But, what if I told you that you could have your cake (or apple crumble) and eat it too? All while still reaching your goals.

What if I said:

  • You can still reach your fitness goals
  • You don’t have to feel uncomfortable at your holiday parties
  • You don’t have to cleanse before or after big events
  • And you don’t have to workout longer/harder to “make up” for those extra calories

Alllllll while still eating grandma’s apple crumble. 

Sound like a steal to you?

Then let’s chat! Because I don’t want you missing out on those holiday treats OR feelin’ down on yourself come time to slip into that little black dress.

I have a few tips & tricks to help you make it through all the food festivities without going up yet another pants size. 


  • When you CAN help it, stick to REAL food.
    • What do I mean by “real food” – Basically anything that isn’t refined in any way. So: Meat, eggs, nuts, grains, fruits, veggies.
    • Why? -this will make sure you stay satisfied, full, and that you’re getting all of your nutrients in, so that by the time that holiday meal rolls around, your body won’t feel the urge to stuff your face in the bread basket.
  • Have anything “less healthy” or processed = in moderation
    • What’s “less healthy?” – the obvious things: pie, burgers, cake, fries, etc.
    • What’s “processed?” – this is like the breads, cereals, granola bars, and any weird sounding ingredients.
    • What’s “moderation”? – avoiding extremes or too much of something. Eat just enough to be satisfied & have a few tastes. But also realize: that this goes for being too strict as well. Don’t deprive yourself by having NOTHING that you actually want. Eat what you think sounds good. But fill your plate with REAL FOODS & have a few bites of anything less healthy or processed.
  • Sleep 7-9 hours 
    • I guess I was super late to the game on this one but sleep is literal baeeee.
    • Not only does it balances your hunger levels, but it keeps your hormones in check (good-bye acne), and positively impacts your mood (you’re welcome, Trent).
    • This will have you thinking clearer & able to make better decisions when you’re filling your plate. ORRR it’ll help you realize that if you overindulge, it’s definitely not the end of the world.
  • Fit in any physical activity you can do – something that you actually enjoy
    • Don’t force yourself to run, do hiit, or anything else because you think it’ll burn more calories just so you can have some extra wine (Moscato, anyone?).
    • Only felt like a family walk? You can still have your cheese & wine! (just remember: moderation! Try 3 pieces of cheese instead of 33…I know, easier said than done)
    • Do any workout that you feel like that day! Because anything is better than nothing at all. And it’ll keep you in the mindset of making better choices.


  • Don’t lower your standards to make others more comfortable
    • I could go on for dayyyys about this – but basically what I mean is: if you don’t like deviled eggs, or you’d rather save your dessert for the your mom’s Pumpkin Pie instead of granny’s apple crumble – then DO YOU, BOO BOO.
    • Don’t let others pressure you into overstuffing your face, eating something you don’t want or bonding over being miserably full all because you’re afraid to be “that girl”.
    • Stand your ground & do what will make you feel best & have the most peace when you lay your head to sleep that night…. which for some, might mean trying both the pie and the crumble! But remember: moderation is KEY, y’all.
  • Don’t feel the pressure to bond over food. 
    • If you’re already satisfied, or you want to pass on the appetizers to save room for dinner – then do it! Don’t keep eating unless you want to.


  • Move. On. 
    • Over ate? Didn’t even bring your bff Moderation to the party? It’s all good. This is a learning process & it takes time to train your brain.
    • Or, “ate perfectly”? Stuck to moderation the whole night? Still move on. Don’t congratulate or condemn yourself for your food choices. Just let them live in the past where they’re meant to live.
    • Why? Because food is literally just fuel to help us live our best lives. It’s not meant to make us more or less worthy of love or happiness.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. 
    • We all know that one girl at the holiday party who has a killer-bod and an even spray tan in December. And you eye her plate to see what she’s having because #goals. But stay in your own lane. We’re all fighting our own battles.
  • Have grace on yourself. 
    • Never have the expectation of perfection. Because you will never be perfect at anything. Know that you will always fall short of “perfect” every single time. Just try your best TODAY.
  • Don’t let your emotions lead your decisions. (My Insta post on that)

Being healthy is more than kale & long runs. It’s about having peace with your lifestyle & feeling confident enough to unapologetically love yourself and in turn, love on others. 

When you take care of yourself because you know you’re worth it – then your cup and will be filled – and you won’t feel the need to overindulge. 

When you accept yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW & CHOOSE to treat yourself with love & respect – your actions will follow.

self love love yourself accept yourself

If you tell yourself that you’re a fat slob who’s failed yet again at losing weight this year – then you’ll react to THAT voice. And you’ll believe THAT lie. And instead of savoring your cheese and wine or pumpkin pie, you’ll overindulge and feel lousy all because you tried to fill a void of feeling worthless.

You can’t tell yourself “I’ll love and accept myself once I’m thin”. That’s backwards thinking.

Because you’ll only start to see transformations (mind, body, spirit) when you value who you are TODAY.  When you choose to have a just a few bites of pie instead of the whole thing because you know that you’re worth more than feeling sad and ashamed  – that’s where true change is born.

So tell Granny to pass the crumble on down, because you’ve got this!

When you know exactly HOW & most importantly WHY  you’re choosing to take care of yourself, your brain will do the work for you.

So have your pie & eat it too because no life without pie is a life worth living. Am I right?

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Comment below how you find balance or struggle to find balance during the holidays.

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