A Week of Free Fitness Studio Classes

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[A New Class For Everyday of the Week]

I’m all about boutique workout studios like Orange Theory, Pure Barre, and FlyWheel.

But I’m NOT all about the insane price it is when you just want a little sweat before Saturday Brunch.

So: I hacked the system for you to try these main-stream fitness studios FO FREE.

Some of the companies offer 1 whole week free, 1 class free, and a couple of them always offer free classes.

What I love about these free classes is it’s a great starting point to get motivated!

  • Whether you’re an advanced athlete whose bored in their routine
  • Or a beginner who doesn’t know where to start

I made it easy for you – just follow the link provided to sign up for your free session!


LITTLE HACK: if you book-mark this to your home-screen every Friday then you can just click the icon to open this page every day when you want to see your workout of the day.

add website to homescren

MONDAY- Pure Barre @ Pure Barre 

Link For Free Week

Pure Barre is a ballet inspired toning workout that focuses on high reps & pulses.

Challenge of the day: invite a friend to join you this week at all your free classes!

TUESDAY – KickBoxing Hiit @ 9 Rounds

Link For 1 Free Workout

9 rounds is a boxing inspired circuit workout.

Challenge of the day: Go at your own pace. This is more of an advanced workout (for any fitness level) – so don’t feel pressured by others around you.

WEDNESDAY – Power Yoga @ Core Power Yoga

Link For Free Week

Core Power Yoga is focused on stretching and strength, as well as strengthening your mind.

Challenge of the day: Try to focus on the mental benefit of exercise instead of striving to see physical changes.

THURSDAY – Pure Empower @ Pure Barre 

Link For Free Week

This is a more intense version of Pure Barre – with a little extra cardio.

Challenge of the day: Recruit even more friends to join you!

FRIDAY – Intervals @ Orange Theory

Link For 1 Free Workout

Orange Theory is a scientific based workout that focuses on your heart rate in order to get the best workout.

Challenge of the day: Try scheduling a morning workout on their website so you can have your Friday night to have fun!

SATURDAY –Many Options @ LuLuLemon

Link For Free Workouts

We all know about Lulu – well did you know they offer different workouts/clubs in different states/areas?

Challenge of the day: Try something you’ve never tried before! 

SUNDAY – Many Outdoor Options @ REI

Link For Free Workouts

REI is an outdoor supplies store and they have awesome classes like SUP, hiking, biking, etc.

Challenge of the day: Plan and/or prep your meals for the week! (You can get a lot of ideas on my Pinterest)

If you subscribe (here: SIGN UP) you’ll automatically be sent an email every Friday with the 7 days of workouts. 

Fitness doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, or impossible. Try to focus on what workouts YOU love and your body thrives off of this week.

Comment below what your favorite class was!

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Fitness Fridays is a new series where every Friday I’ll be rolling out a week’s worth of workouts for the FOLLOWING WEEK so you can plan ahead for a fresh start on Monday!

Each week will have a different focus/theme (at home workouts, body weight only, workouts for while on vacation, dumb-bell only, etc).

free workouts free fitness how to get in shape fitness for beginners

Click HERE to Sign Up For Your Free Workouts

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