How A Doula Nurse Is Growing Her Business By Pursuing Her Purpose

holistic health doula nurse videographer christian blogger

Do you have a dream job/career/passion that you want to pursue but you don’t because…

  1. You think don’t have the means to quit your full-time job
  2. You figured “I’m not made for this – might as well forget it”
  3. You think nobody wants what you have to offer?

Well, my friend Elyse is the definition of grit and patience when it comes to reaching her end-goal.

She talks time-line, how-to’s, and the sacrifices she’s willing to make to pursue her purpose.

Even if holistic health isn’t your thing – I know you’re a dreamer. Which means: this one’s made for you!

doula nurse holistic health how to start you dream job

“So Elyse, tell me about yourself!”

My name is Elyse Serrano, and I am a 26 years old!
Most importantly, I am a daughter of God!

I am married to a half-hispanic, musical-genius, worship-pastor hubby and have been for over 3 years! We are puppy parents to a 2.5 year old yorkie poo!

As for career, I am a registered nurse, doula, wedding + birth videographer and holistic health educator (especially essential oils)!

Pretty much, I am a nurse by day, and entrepreneur by night!

” That’s a serious career stack – what was your dream job as kid?”

From very young, I knew I wanted to do something medical.
When I was 11, I went on a mission trip to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and that shifted to something medical + missions.

So I went into college as pre-med, DESPISED biology (mainly because of Botany), and changed to become a nurse!

Cool story about that!

I attended a D-now (Discipleship Now) conference at my hubby’s church- at that time we weren’t even dating. There God told me that I was not trusting Him with my life and that me going to med school and becoming a doctor was a Plan B, not His Plan A.

So that next day I told my parents I didn’t want to be a doctor anymore, and I chose nursing from the list of majors at Appalachian.

That night, I prayed and asked God to confirm my choice. When I opened my bible, the word “nurse” was right there in front of my eyes. CRAZINESSS!!!!

“So what goals are you going for right now?”

  • Finish reading through the entire bible!
    • I am currently over ⅔ of the way done!
  • Become a silver rank within Young Living essential oils!
  • Pay off our debt by summer! (around $9,000!)
  • Have 5,000 followers on instagram + 1,000 people on my email list by December!!
  • Record 5-10 weddings/births
  • Doula at least 3 births!
  • Read 1-2 books per month

“Those are awesome – So,why are goals so important?”

Goals are your WHY in action.

To achieve our dreams, we have to write them down. Put them in front of our face. And work towards them in tinier bite-size chunks.

I also think goals help us stay on track because us entrepreneurs are constantly dreaming and having ideas, but goals help keep us steadily moving forward instead of 1,000 different directions.

“Who has been your biggest inspiration so far?”

I think one of my biggest inspirations is my leader in Young Living, Samantha Wright.

She started out just like me: no following, no huge network, no large social media presence.

She was below the poverty line to the extreme, and now is a Gold in our company. (I.e. makes an average of $6,000/mo).

I’ve watched her growth and progress as well as her process and I am inspired that I, too, can do this!!

doula nurse holistic health christian blogger

“Has there been a time when you got embarrassed and had to start over on your goal chasing journey?”

Gosh, so many times. I have done so many things wrong, ha!

Something that just recently happened was that I didn’t follow through with an email series called “No Toxin November”.

Like, life got INSANE! So I had to email the list and say in my title line “I’m so embarassed” and explain why I hadn’t emailed in a while!

Oh well! Life moves on!! Haha
Sometimes I think we take ourselves way to seriously!!
Like, no one is watching us as carefully as we are.

No one is sitting there waiting on us to post to social media.

No one is judging me. In fact, they probably all forgot until I emailed something, ha!

“So what has been your biggest setback so far?”

I would say my biggest mental setbacks is the thought “one day”. (preachhhh girl)

“One day” I’ll get to that.

“One day” I’ll have enough time.

“One day” I’ll be able to work from home and things will be much easier.
But it is TODAY that makes that “one day” happen!!

I will also confess that because of my perfectionist tendencies, consistency is very difficult for me!

Especially when it comes to social media. So that can keep me stopped in my tracks unless I push through it.

“Have you ever been tempted to quit? If so, how did you persevere?”

Uhm, on the daily! haha

But it is KEY to remember my WHY.

I am very financially motivated because, ultimately, l am time motivated.

I want the freedom to be able to work from home and set my own schedule.

And I want the financial freedom to not ever have to worry about overdrafting,

And I want to be able to GIVE like crazy!!!

“So how did you finally end the cycle of defeat in reaching your goals?”

Breaking free from my bondage of perfectionism is what finally released me into pursuing my goals!!

The Holy Spirit started to work this out in me back in the fall of 2016 with the help of some older female Christian influences.

Jenna Kutcher says: “Done is better than perfect” and I have to constantly remind myself of that! (YESSS! I’m obsessed with anything Jenna Kutcher)

“What is the biggest hate you’ve ever received in your journey & how did you overcome it?”

I honestly haven’t received too much hate (yet!!).

As entrepreneurs, we must understand it WILL come.

Especially now that I am going to be more vocal about what I’m doing!

There will be haters.

Because we are saying to the world, “hey, there is a different way to live than our 9-5’s”

Or in my case, 12 hr shifts!

“There is a better way than to work for 40 hours a week, for 40 years, to live of 40% of what we made!”

It makes people uncomfortable because they
a) can’t possibly imagine another way (a lot of the older generation!)
b) want that way but won’t work for it, so they will tear down those who try

Another quote I love is: “We weren’t born to just pay bills and die”
Like, my soul says YES & AMEN!!!!!!

“How do you combat the comparison game?”

Yikes. I haven’t really conquered this one yet, ha!

I usually just unplug from social media for a while!

But what I should do is to pray over whoever I am jealous of.

I wrote a blog post about combating jealousy and that is what the Holy Spirit said for me to do: pray for their success.

That way whatever success they have, I played a part in it! (ooh, that’s a good one! stealing that)

“How do you find confidence when it’s lacking?”

That one is simple. My identity comes from Christ alone.

What does he say about me? … I am enough.

So nothing else can convince me otherwise.

And when I choose to live from that overflow, I am able to lead others with confidence and into their own confidence!

“If you would have never started pursuing your dreams, where do you think you’d be today?”

If I wouldn’t have pursued my dreams, I would have been 1.5 years behind on them!

But I want to be able to be fully working from home FOR SURE by 30!

So I’ve got less than 4 years!

Time to HUSTLE 😉

doula nurse holistic health christian blogger

“How do you think your spiritual life has helped you reach this point?”

Oh my, it is everything.

Y’all, God created life.

He created me.

He created you.

And that creator has a way to live that is the best way.

Living in obedience to that and trusting Him with my God-sized dreams is one heck of an exciting life!!

Let me also say this: Having God has helped me through those times when I don’t necessarily believe in myself or believe this is worth it or whatever other lies come into my head.

God gives us the desires of our heart, and it is my job to be faithful with what He has given me.

(yes yes yes x a million!)

The ideas, the passions of my heart, the ways He wants to use me to HELP people get healthy!!

“What advice do you have for other women hoping to start their dreams/pursue scary passions?”

Stop waiting. We are never promised tomorrow. Start now.

Also, capture the lies quicky and speak truth… Like this:

  • Lie: “No one cares”
    • Truth: Someone needs to hear this message.
  • Lie: “I don’t know enough” (not an expert)
    • Truth: You are farther along than someone. Help them get to where you are. And grow while you lead them.
  • Lie: “This is too scary/unknown”
    • Truth: This is scary. Glad we acknowledged that. Now, let’s conquer our fears!! 😉

(LOVE THIS! It was one of my biggest lessons learned last year. SO powerful)

My God is a God of ABUNDANCE and wants you to experience it!

So go for those big, crazy dreams!!

“What roles have health/wellness (mental, physical, spiritual) played in your success?”

Meditation has such incredible benefits

But one biggie to me is to reverse the adrenal glands overactivity when under stress.

So when I feel like I am stressed and overwhelmed, taking 5 min to pause and meditate can really ground me and help me move forward!

“So why do you think it’s so important for your success to adapt a healthy lifestyle (mind, body, spirit)?”

I seriously love this question because it mentions part of my mission statement:

“to inspire you -body, soul, and spirit- to live a life of wellness, purpose, + abundance”

(soul = mind)

I first learned about this from Bethel church- the idea of body, soul, and spirit.

But it makes so much since.

In that same way that God is a triune God- Father, Son, Holy Spirit- we who are made in His image are triune beings in that we have body (physical body), soul (our mind, emotions, thoughts), and spirit (the Holy Spirit within us- the spiritual part of us which most of us refer to as “soul”).

Because we are three in one, when we focus only on the health of one, the other two suffer. We must focus on all three to be fully WHOLE.

So what does that look like?

  • Body: Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep
  • Soul: Meditation, gratitude, speaking LIFE over yourself outloud (positive affirmation statements)
  • Spirit: Connecting with God daily: reading the bible and praying, connecting with other people aka community

“If you had to tell someone ONE TIP for over all else success – what would it be?”

I feel like God gave me this verse today specifically knowing I would have to answer this question:

“Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him], and your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance.” Proverbs 16:3 AMP

“Love that! And like I always ask: How do you like your coffee?”

I usually order a “medium iced caramel latte decaf

(I know, sinful! But my belly thanks me!) + macadamia milk” 😉

“Thanks for sharing your story! How can we stay in touch & keep up with your journey?”

You can follow along on instagram @elyse.serrano and on my website

I will be blogging at least 2x/month on all sorts of topics:

  • Marriage,
  • Ministry,
  • Adulting,
  • Holistic health (especially essential oils),
  • Doula/nurse life,
  • And videography!

I don’t know about y’all but I have a new fire under my butt to get after my goals after speaking to this sweet Go-Getter!

I hope this helped you see that your dreams ARE possible and you DO have something to share that other people want to hear!

Comment below what obstacles you’ve let get in the way of your dreams & how you can start pushing past them.

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