How Hanha Become a Successful Christian Blogger By Quitting

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Have you ever had a passion that you started, went all out in the beginning, only to end up failing miserably?

I recently chatted with Hanha, a Christian blogger who tells her story about how she finally started to see success once she let go of her control, took a step back for a while, and let God truly work through her passions and her heart.

We all have those “should have” stories in our lives – and Hanha walks you through how she navigated letting her good intentions go South, to now, where she continues to grow her side hustle and feel more fulfilled than ever.

Hi Hanha! So tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Hanha, I’m 23 years old, and I am the writer behind Transparency Blog! To fit everything in one nutshell, I am basically super passionate about encouraging others and sharing the love of Christ – like I met Jesus and now there’s no turning back like the old hymn says haha.

I graduated from the University of National Champions—Go Heels!— and I’m currently pursuing plans to become a physician in the near future, either in family medicine or pediatrics.

A few fun facts? I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy.

I have a special place in my heart for tacos, and podcasts are my present obsession.

In my spare time, I daydream about places I can travel and I love connecting with friends on Instagram. Come say hi!

I personally LOVE your blog, but I’m curious: what is the MAIN thing you want to accomplish with your blog?

I’ve always told other people that I want to be the next Joyce Meyer!

I would love to teach biblical truths and do speaking engagements.

I honestly don’t have a HUGE ultimate vision or dream for my blog because I want to be open to what God has planned, but I know that I want to fight this fight of faith and run full-speed in whatever He is calling me to do!

I’m okay with not having a solid end goal because I know that God’s plans will be better and bigger than anything I could imagine for myself.

I do have short-term main goals, and my main goals this year is to publish a few ebooks and a devotional book!

So, what do you think makes you different from other bloggers?

I consider myself a faith blogger and I think that there are two things that make me different than most bloggers in my field.

There are two heavily saturated niches: one is filled with a lot of older women or mommy bloggers who incorporate faith into their posts; the other is filled with young bloggers who usually talk about faith along with other topics whether that’s fashion or lifestyle.

For me, I didn’t identify with one (meaning I’m a lot younger and don’t have any kids) and I’m not interested in the other.

I wanted to talk about Jesus, and just that.

I didn’t want to create content on fashion, home, etc. I wanted to encourage women like me to love God with their whole heart and pursue the purpose that He has for them!

faith blogger christian blogger how to start a blog

I love that! But what do you think has been your biggest setback so far?

My biggest setback has been time!

There are things that I want to accomplish with my blog but I honestly believe that the way this journey is unfolding with my blog will happen in God’s timing.

For example, I want to monetize my blog in someway, but I’m not about to sell any service/product because I just want to make some money.

Most good ideas take time to form, and I don’t want to make any impulsive decisions because of my personal desires.

I want the things I do to be God-led, have purpose, and stay true to my brand. So I have to trust and wait on God’s timing!

Was there a time when you had to start over on your journey? 

It’s interesting that you say that because I actually restarted blogging about 7 months ago.

Prior to that, I had taken maybe 1-2 years off from blogging because of my failed attempt at it.

When I was blogging 2-3 years ago, I had the wrong intentions. I researched all the ways that I could make my blog famous, and lost sight of its sole purpose, which was to talk about how great Jesus is.

So I stopped out of nowhere and for awhile.

I basically gave up, and decided to just leave it alone.

It wasn’t until May 2017 that I got back into blogging, and this time I wanted to be more consistent and have the right intentions.

It didn’t matter if my blog grew or not or if people read it. What mattered was that I was being obedient to what God was telling me to do, which was to write what He placed on my heart.

Are you still ever tempted to quit? If so, how do you overcome that?

Oh yes! Every time I get tired of posting on social media, I want to quit.

Sometimes, you find yourself doing things that you don’t enjoy. For me, my passion is writing. I love to write about all the ways that Jesus loves us and wants a relationship with us.

I’m not a huge fan of the consistent posting and designing graphics. I love meeting and engaging with people on social media, but it’s a huge responsibility to be consistent.

But when I think about all the people who are in need of a Savior or the people who are reading my blog and really finding themselves uplifted because of it, it holds me accountable to keep going.

I’m starting to realize that blogging serves a larger purpose than for myself, and the time and sacrifice it takes to help others draw closer to Christ is worth the investment and sacrifice.

Was there a moment that you realized you hit a big goal in your blog?

I think a huge milestone for me was when I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram and when 100 people were signed up for my email list.

To this day, the numbers shock me because I remember when I had still remember when I had 82 followers on Instagram and no email list.

It was only 5-6 months ago!

I always sit and think to myself, “Wow, people actually want to hear what I have to say. But why? I’m just some random girl.”

It just goes to show that God really can use anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done.

So, if you never would have started pursuing your dreams, where do you think you’d be today?

I’m honestly not sure where I would be today.

My blog is my side-hustle. Like I said, I’m open to where God leads me in it, but if I wasn’t blogging, I’d probably be super bored.

I work full-time, but I wanted to do something with more meaning and focused around my passion, which is Jesus.

I am passionate about sharing the love of Christ with others, and doing that through blogging is a huge blessing.

I’m still in the process of applying to graduate school, so I’m definitely interested to see what happens in the next year or two!

christian blogger faith blogger how to start a blog

How did you finally end the cycle of defeat in reaching your goals?

I learned that the cycle of defeat is a battle within yourself.

There came a point when I had to decide if I was tired of living in self-pity and comparison.

Honestly, it was an identity crisis because if I knew that I was a daughter of the true and living King, I wouldn’t allow myself to live that way.

It took me years to learn this concept, in fact, I’m still learning it.

But something that has helped me in being more confident in myself and reaching my goals is speaking God’s Word and promises over my life.  I’ve learned that speaking His truth or writing it out helps activate our faith.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I knew that I could overcome the assaults used to defeat me with my speech.

It’s why I started #TheConfessionsProject because life and death lies in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

You can read how speaking daily confessions changed my life here.

How has your spiritual life helped you reach this point?

My faith means everything to me! I

would not be who I am today without God. 

Prayer is absolutely huge for me, and I would say worship is too. I truly believe that we are called to have a heart of worship, and I think the best way to worship is through prayer.

I think that it is through prayer that God speaks to us, connects with us, and shows us just how much He cares for us.

I make an effort to spend time with the Lord in prayer at least every 2 days. I’m constantly talking with God throughout the day, but I’m talking about truly taking 15-20 minutes to sit, meditate, and worship Him.

That has honestly been life-changing for me.

I’ve cried my hardest tears sitting at the feet of Jesus, and they are the same moments where I have found restoration and redemption through Him.

What roles have health/wellness played in your success? 

When I’m eating well, working out, getting enough sleep, and drinking more water, I have more energy to conquer my day!

On top of that, working out and establishing healthy habits allows me to feel more confident in myself.

You know what they say, when you look good, you feel good!

But prayer helps my emotional and spiritual health. 

I feel like I’m more patient with people and can show more grace towards others after I’ve spent my morning in the Word and in prayer.

Why do you think it’s so important for your success to adapt a healthy lifestyle?

It’s vital! We live in a culture that screams that you have to be constantly busy.

With that, you’ll easily find yourself giving, giving, giving, to the point that you have nothing left to give.

If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s very difficult to take care of others.

Having a healthy lifestyle gives you time to pour back into yourself. It helps you feel renewed, helps you recharge, and keep you less stressed.

Plus, a healthy body will help you physically keep up with the busyness of life!

What is your favorite healthy snack/meal for busy days?

This is hard because I actually have a bad habit when it comes to snacking.

I love to snack and my snack choices are never really healthy – anyone else in love with cookies, popcorn, and chips?

BUT. If I had to choose a healthy snack, it would be celery and hummus, apples and peanut butter, or a healthy popcorn!

But those sound so boring compared to cookies haha.

What would you tell a girl who doesn’t feel like she’s worth the confidence and success?


You are worth the confidence. You are worth the success. Because while you were STILL a sinner, Christ died for you and He loves you so much!

When you decide to have a relationship with Him by making Him your personal Savior, He said that He is up there in heaven preparing a mansion for you!

How do I know? Cause He told me too!

You’re worth it. So worth it! He gave His life for you, so why would you live this life as though you’re not worth anything?! As if His grace isn’t sufficient? As if He’s not preparing the best plans for you?

Wake up. Do not let the standards of our culture and this world make you forget that you are a child of the King, the Creator and Maker of both heaven and earth.

You are worth more than precious rubies and diamonds.

And if you need more encouragement, DM me on Instagram! Because for you to think anything else just tells me that you’re having an identity crisis and we need an intervention.

Hear me, let’s remember who we are in Christ!

What advice do you have for other women hoping to start their dreams/pursue scary passions?

Trust God and do it!

Ask God for His guidance, and if you feel like He is leading you to do it, then do it.

What God has for you is for you, and there is nothing that will get in the way of that!

I mean what’s the worse that can happen? You fail and then God leads you to where you’re supposed to go?

Stop being afraid! You weren’t designed to live in fear  – you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength!

I’m learning that EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason.

God is the master orchestrator and He makes ALL things work together.

Our failures and our challenges will only help us achieve the better plan that He has for us.

If you are trying to pursue a dream, walk boldly in it. God’s got you!

I always have to ask: how do you like your coffee?

I think you meant to say how do I like my cream and sugar! Haha But give me a hot or iced vanilla coffee with all the cream and sugar! If not, I’ll settle for an iced chai!

So how can we stay in touch & keep up with your journey?

You can find me blogging at but I love to hang out on Instagram (@transparencyblog).

I can’t wait to connect with all of you!

Like Hanha said: you ARE worth pursuing your goals. 

Regardless of whether the outcome is what you expected or not, God will place you exactly where you need to be.

Comment below with a time that you had a dream, had to start over, but came back stronger the second time around.

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