How Jessica Went From An Eating Disorder to A Healthy Food Blogger

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I mean, who doesn’t love a good “come-back” story?

There’s nothing that will give you goose-bumps like hearing about someone who was dead in their sins and idols, being transformed by grace and using their past idols as a platform for Christ.

And that’s where Jessica comes in.

So, Jessica is a Christian food/health blogger and I met her on Instagram a few months ago and honestly, I’m so drawn to her honesty and her ruthless effort to display Christ in her life.

I’d be lying if I said her posts don’t convict me on a regular basis.

Her story seriously just encompasses the truth of God’s grace. She went from almost dying because of her obsession with her eating disorder, to being a health blogger who speaks the truth about using health & fitness as a tool for worship – not self praise.

One of my favorite things she said was on her story about her eating disorder  where she said: “Once I let go of my human control over that area in my life, the Lord blessed every other area of my life in abundance”.

But enough fan-girling, we chatted about her journey and how she reached her biggest goals. And she wanted to leave you with some encouragement about pursuing your passion with the purpose of seeking and displaying God.

“So tell me about yourself?!”  

I am finishing up my bachelor in chemistry degree this semester and starting grad school this summer for a Master in Business degree. I’m 21 years old.

I fearlessly love Jesus Christ and desire to serve him with my life.

My passions are to share with others how a healthy lifestyle coincides with honoring the Lord. 

“What  do you think makes you different from other health & faith bloggers?”

What makes Devoted Existence different is that it’s simple.

It’s the raw, authentic life of someone pursing the Lord.

I’m not a master chef or the next Billy Graham. My blog exists to show people what it’s really like to follow Christ.

“So what encouraged you to start blogging?”

At first, I started my blog because I genuinely loved cooking and wanted to share that. Soon enough, I felt the Lord ask me to use it as a ministry. After that, I knew I had to continue.

“What is the MAIN thing you want to accomplish with your blog?”

The biggest thing I want to accomplish is to see people come to know the Lord. To inspire others to search for Him.

“How do you inspire yourself to change for reasons other than a better outward appearance?”

I’m inspired to change to become more like Christ and to honor God.

Treating your body with respect also gives God respect. Eating healthy and exercising can be looked at as such.

‘Tell me what it means when you say you live a ‘devoted lifestyle’?”

Living a devoted lifestyle to me is choosing to take up my cross daily and walk with Christ. It also means choosing what is best for my body every opportunity I have. Being devoted to eating food to fuel my body and exercising to feel good.

“Who has been your biggest inspiration so far?”

My small group leader, Drea. She loves people intentionally and sacrificially. I want to love people like that.

“How do you find confidence when it’s lacking?”

I think about where my worth is found: in Christ. I try to look at whatever the situation is from an outside perspective.

“What is the biggest push back you’ve ever received in your journey & how did you overcome it?”

My eating disorder, becoming obsessed with being the perfect size, really hurt my relationships with others.

Once I surrendered it to the Lord, and began to heal, I focused all of my attention onto loving other people instead of focusing on loving my self.

devoted existence food blogger faith blogger christian blogger
Photo Credit: Jessica Milligan

“How have you learned to love and respect yourself? Has health & fitness played a role in that?”

I love and respect myself because I think about how God would want me to. I think it helps be practical about it.

“How did you overcome your struggle with body image?”

It’s not something we can avoid, but we can choose not to let it effect us. Sometimes I have negative thoughts, but I don’t grab on to that thought. I just let it go and focus on other things.

“What advice to you have for girls struggling with eating disorders or body image?”

Think about your worth to the people in your life. Is it how small you are? How you have “an extra five pounds to lose”? No, its your heart, your mind, your love that makes you worthy, Be known for what you do in this world instead of how you look.

“Do you think there such a thing as ‘balance’ and ‘moderation’?”

I think there is but it’s just called life. It’s good to focus on health, but it’s not healthy to make it an idol. A donut won’t kill you, just like kale won’t save you.

“As a food blogger, what do you eat in a day?”

Lots of veggies, a good amount of carbs, and quality proteins. Oh and chocolate, always chocolate.

devoted existence food blogger faith blogger christian blogger
Photo Credit: Jessica Milligan

“If you would have never started pursuing your dreams, where do you think you’d be today?”

I didn’t realize how important it was to have a creative side. I am a very analytical and scientific person, and my blog has allowed me to grow a side of me I thought I never had. I think it would have taken longer for me to recover from my eating disorder. Connecting to others because of my blog held an important role in helping me recognize I had a problem.

“What was the moment that you realized you hit a big goal in your blog?”

When I actually started having companies email me to collaborate.

“How has your spiritual life helped you reach this point?”

It’s how I’ve found my purpose, my true joy. It’s why I see a healthy lifestyle as a privilege and not a chore.

“What advice do you have for other women hoping to start their dreams/pursue scary passions?”

You can do anything you set your mind to.

“What would you tell a girl who doesn’t feel like she’s worth the confidence and success?”

God made you. He put every single cell together in the right places to form you. You have a divine purpose and a worth beyond your wildest dreams. God wants to do big things in people who feel small.

“What roles have wellness (mental, physical, spiritual) played in your success?”

I actually sleep now, I used to have a ton of anxiety but finding the right balance of exercise and eating has helped that. I can work for long hours without getting burned out and needing caffeine. My recovery brought me so close to the heart of Christ.

“How do you balance health & a busy schedule?”

I have a plan every week on what to cook, what workouts to do and to get enough sleep. But I’m flexible enough to let things go, if the plan changes.

devoted existence food blogger faith blogger christian blogger
Photo Credit: Jessica Milligan

“What does your morning routine look like?”

First I drink my matcha and spend time with the Lord. Then I always make a big breakfast before working on things for the day. I am most productive in the mornings, so I typically do work during this time.

“What would you tell someone if they asked you ‘Where do I even start’ in pursuing their purpose?”

Literally, just do it. Fumble around and make mistakes. It falls into place eventually. Seek the Lord and pray about where he wants you to be.

“If you had to tell someone ONE TIP for success – what would it be?”

Be your own motivation. Depending on others for that drive will only get you so far.

“What is the mantra that you live by?”

Seek First the Kingdom of God.

“Do you have a go-to healthy tip?”

Don’t stress about it. I honestly believe most of our sickness comes from stress alone.

“Most importantly: How do you like your coffee?”

I’m sooo extra when it comes to my coffee. French press coffee with ghee, coconut oil, toasted coconut almond milk and collagen peptides all blended up and frothy.

“How can we stay in touch & keep up with your journey?”

Follow me on Instagram @devotedexistence or on my website

Y’all, I absolutely loved chatting with Jessica, and I’m so dang inspired by her redemption story. And I have to say, one of my favorite things I’ve learned about Jessica is her theory on health and how she thinks health should be a pursuit of holiness, not a striving for a perfect appearance.

Honestly, my hope in this interview and any of the Girl Boss Interviews is that you’ll see how a little faith, coupled with some intentionality will take you SO far.

The only thing standing between living out your God-given passion is your lack of belief in the one who put those passions and talents there in the first place.

Comment below how you can start navigating those doubts and turning them into actions.

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4 thoughts on “How Jessica Went From An Eating Disorder to A Healthy Food Blogger

  1. Wow thank you very much for this. I had been following your blog and I have to say that this changed my life for the better. I believe that faith is the magical motivations that ensure good result. This is very helpful your tips coupled with the diet I am following now bring me nearer to my goal of healthier life. All the things in this blog are very powerful. The power of God’s love coupled with right discipline will deliver you to where you want to be. Thank you, you are indeed an angel that helped me reach for my dream of better living. I am always grateful for the blessing you are sharing in your every post.


  2. Love this. Jessica is awesome. Just started my own blog, and so glad I found this! Excited for your future posts.


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