A Life Without Social Media or a “Side Hustles”

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Imagine…. a world that never heard the words: Girl Boss. Fit Fam. Link in bio. Hashtags, and Algorithms.

Where would we be?

How would our desires change? Our satisfaction? Our time spent?

When did our passions have to turn into a side hustle. And our callings becomes a paycheck?

When did memories become B-roll, and meals are just for show?

What happened if we pursued our purpose by trusting God as our platform?

And didn’t think about our “audience” or SEO.

And what we stopped quitting our day jobs to pursue “being our own boss”.

Where “self love”, body positivity, and selling e-books weren’t even a thought.

But we were naturally more happy with our looks, read real books, and stopped looking at what we’re not.

Would there be more contentment?

Would we beam with confidence because we’re sensitive to God’s voice and calling on our lives.

If we consumed less of the world – and rested more.

What if?

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