About Samantha

Hi, I’m Sam.

A twenty-something newlywed trying to somewhat gracefully figure out adulting while embracing the mess and the in-betweens.

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About 2+ years ago, I married the best person you’ll ever meet. Everyone go find a Trent, and then marry him. 10/10 recommend. He’s a unicorn and the secret sauce to all of my belly laughs. And if it weren’t for him I’m pretty sure I’d leave the house most days without food or matching shoes.

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But what really made me start this blog are the things that light a fire under my butt: Living well, within your means, fueled by Jesus’ grace.

But a few things you should know first…

  • I’m a firm believer in “dessert always” – can life go on without chocolate?
  • Coffee runs through my veins – dark roast with a little cream will do.
  • I’m a serious lover of deep convo’s.
  • Walking is my therapy of choice – especially in the Fall.
  • And I’m always down for a movie night.

I love thinking, researching, writing, and creating. Whether that’s words, recipes, workouts, or even a to-do list. So I’m just here to have a little passion project in between all the craziness of life.

So feel free to stick around if you fancy!

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Also, speaking of unicorn husbands, Read what I had to say about The honest truth behind newlywed life


Life comes first – and blogging falls in line somewhere after that – so sometimes I share what’s on my heart on Facebook and Instagram, and occasionally through email (mostly just a random life/blog update or some extra soul encouragement).

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