My Favorite At Home Workouts To Do All Week

[For When It’s Too Cold To Leave The House]

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Y’all, I’m totally okay with a little extra winter fluff to keep me warm during the winter.

It’s just proof that I enjoyed my momma’s drool-worthy coffeecake and cuddled on the couch with T while binge watching Elf & This Is Us.

Because truth be told: when my heated blanket & fuzzy socks start calling – there is no ignoring them. The heart wants what the heart wants. Am I right?

And not to mention that it’s actually proven that during the winter, we need more sleep & recovery, and our bodies are predisposed to holding on to extra fat to keep us energized.

It’s just like how the trees bloom & produce new cells from season to season, so do our bodies!

We need to REST & to be refreshed physically, mentally, and spiritually – so that when the next season comes our way, we can bloom even brighter and stronger than before.

Which is probably why God shuts the lights off at 5:00 sharp in the Winter. Because He’s like: GO HOME & chill out & make some Christmas cookies.

And I’m like: okay, if you say so, big man. Because #obedience.

But as much as I love Christmas cookies & fuzzy socks: I’m not okay with feeling defeated & not confident in my skin.

I still want to be living my best life! And I can’t do that if I feel like a complete slug for 5 months out of the year.

Confidence doesn’t come from shredded abs, it comes from knowing you’re taking care of yourself as best as you can! Which this time of year: my soul needs my momma’s coffee-cake. All in the name of #selflove. 

Buttttt my body also needs to MOVE! I need to care for it so that I can feel confident enough to love on my family during the holidays & walk faster than the crazy coupon ladies at the mall.

But the catch is: even as much as I tell myself I’ll drive to the gym @ 5 am, I know that’s a lost cause when my goose-down-comforter starts whispering sweet somethings, asking me to stay just a little longer.

It would be rude not to. Ya know?

SO! After many years of trial & error, I have solved all your winter fitness problems, sisters.

And listen, I know your list of excuses for why you don’t workout are valid! I hear ya.


  1. It’s too cold & dark to drive to the gym
  2. I don’t have time
  3. I don’t really know how to workout

I hear ya, but I’m not buying it!

Why these excuses don’t count

  1. You don’t have to leave your house
  2. All of these workouts at no more than ~30 minutes! 
  3. You can tailor each video to your fitness level (heavier/lighter weights, go slower/faster, etc)
  4. These videos walk you through exactly how & what to do!

These are your 7 days of no excuses workout videos because they’re quick, effective, and they’re actually a lot of fun!

I love all of these because they’re perfect if you’re a beginner or if you’ve been into fitness for years, because you can tailor the intensity & weights for your fitness level.

(Side note: if you don’t have the equipment they’re using in the videos you can: use dumbbells, water bottles, or just your body weight. Make it work for you!)

If you’re running short on time one day you can try doing ½ of the workout in the morning & the other ½ of the video at night.

What’s important is not necessarily seeing immediate results: but forming better habits that will be a domino-effect of good choices!

Also – if the videos don’t include a warm up & a cool down, then make sure to do something quick like a few minutes of jumping jacks, jogging in place, air squats etc. before the workout, and a 5 minute stretch afterwards… This way you’ll be more likely to avoid injuries & prolonged soreness. 


(high intensity interval training)

I like it go hard on Monday’s because that’s usually when I’m feelin refreshed & motivated.

So let’s go all out with HIIT.

This is definitely the hardest workout of the whole week – so don’t lose motivation! Just use it to see how strong & capable your are!

Challenge of the day: Don’t stop the whole circuit – if it gets to be too much, simply pause the video & jog in place until you feel you can press play & continue

TUESDAY – Arms + Abs

Since yesterday’s workout was pretty tough… I like to follow it up with a lower impact workout that works smaller muscles (arms/abs)

Challenge of the day: Drop Set (start with a heavier weight & gradually decrease as the tension gets too heavy)


Your motivation might be fading at this point & excuses might be creeping in, but that’s when you’ll start to see the most changes mentally & physically. 

Challenge of the day: drink 1/2 gallon of water (spaced out through the whole day)… this will replenish your muscles, detox your body & curb false hunger.


I’m sure you are seriously sore by this point in the week – So it’s the perfect time to stretch out your sore muscles. (if you’re not feeling at least a little sore/weak, then next week try adding heavier weights!)


I love training legs on Friday because I have all weekend to recover and it boosts my metabolism for all the inevitable treats that tend to creep in during the weekend!

Challenge of the day: Do your workout in the morning! You’re going out wit your ladies, or planning to relax this evening so set yourself up for success & get your workout done and over with early on in the day! 

SATURDAY – Arms + Abs

I purposefully chose something that won’t get you too sweaty and it’s not too long in case you have fun weekend plans!

There’s no excuses not to get this one in!

Challenge of the day: try picking a healthier option when you go out to eat this weekend! Or follow my Pinterest for healthy recipe ideas to make at home!

SUNDAY – Wild Card/Rest

This is your day of rest & refresh!

Do whatever makes your soul sing, makes you feel empowered and ready to tackle a new week.

Whether that’s a rest day if you’re sore, or a different workout from these brands I’ve listed above.

And disclaimer: I totally count walking around the mall as exercise…

I would totally break out my iPod & sketchers and zoom around Aerie if Trent wouldn’t disown me. #FannyPackClub

Challenge of the day: be fully present. Put your phone down & let your soul be refreshed.

If you subscribe (here: SIGN UP) you’ll automatically be sent an email every Friday with the 7 days of workouts.

 I really hope you babes had fun with this! And I hope by the end of the week you’re feeling empowered, stronger, and motivated to keep going!

And who knows: maybe you’ve found a way of working out that you really enjoy?

Comment below with your favorite workout from this week! 

LITTLE HACK: if you book-mark this to your home-screen every Friday then you can just click the icon to open this page every day when it’s time to get your sweat on!

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