How Elise Lost 40 Pounds After Failing

[From Low Self Esteem to Personal Trainer & Fitness Model]

During that year I learned a lot and successfully lost 25 pounds! Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to maintain my weight loss and by the end of the year I had gained 20 pounds back. I felt completely embarrassed.

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Girls, let me tell you: You are in for a treat!

I’ve been following Elise’s journey for a couples years now & she’s always one of my go-to sources of motivation.

Not only for fitness but for crushing life in general! She’s all about stepping out on a limb to pursue her goals & passions. 

She went from feeling bad in her body to living her best life. She’s kicked her past defeat to the curb & is now teaching Fitness BootCamps, became a Grand-Prize winner for a huge online fitness community (Tone It Up), and has modeled for several photographers.

Can you talk about #GOALS?!

She’s all about one of my favorite mottos: “You can’t give from an empty cup”.

She hustles hard for her 4 am workouts, eats her famous Costco salad, and pursues her passions all so she can serve her students, husband, friends, and family better.

And y’all, it has seriously paid off.

But what I love about Elise is that it’s not just all about looking the part – she cares more about feeding her soul so that she can fill others.

But you’ll just have to read the interview for yourself!


  • Tell me about yourself!

Hey! I’m Elise. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been married for three years to my Husband, Andrew. We have one fur-child, our shih-tzu Gus, and he is spoiled.

I competed as a division one track and field athlete in college and graduated with my major in Health and Fitness! I currently teach Health and Leadership at the high school level.

I am so blessed to have health and fitness as my job AND my hobby and I LOVE sharing my fitness journey with so many inspiring woman!


  • What goals are you currently pursuing?

The biggest physical goal I am currently working on is running faster! I set a goal a few months ago to run a 5K at a 7 minute mile pace. I’m not there yet but I’ve been getting a lot faster by running more often and including speed training days into my running schedule!

The other professional goal I have been working on is pursuing my second personal training certification through NASM. My current personal training certification is going to expire and instead of re-upping that certification I have chosen to re-certify with NASM which is considerably more difficult.

Both of these goals intimidate me and I know they will not happen overnight but I am putting in the work and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish!

  • What do you do after you reach a goal?

Once I accomplish any goal I always pick a non-food reward to celebrate! Getting my nails done, my hair done, buying a piece of clothing or accessory. Maybe even a new item for my home that I was holding off on!

Its always important to recognize all the hard work you have put in and to celebrate a job well done! (Amen, girl).

  • Why are goals important?

I am OBSESSED with goals.

I swear that setting goals is one of the most important things you can do to be successful in any area in life! If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

Setting a goal is the very first step in the planning process.

You have to answer the question, “What am I trying to accomplish?”.

Once you identify what you want to accomplish you have the information you need to set a goal! I have set so many short term and long term goals for myself and they always help me stay motivated and focused on what I want.

If I know what I want, I can get rid of the distractions that take up my time and don’t serve my goal.


  • What was a time when you got embarrassed/had to start over on your journey?

2015 was my first year of following Tone It Up workouts on During that year I learned a lot and successfully lost 25 pounds!

Unfortunately I didn’t know how to maintain my weight loss and by the end of the year I had gained 20 pounds back. I felt completely embarrassed.

I was basically back where I started and I definitely thought about giving up!

I had worked so hard for those 25 pounds and it took so long. It was really hard to imagine starting all over again.

  • How did you persevere?

I turned to my family, my husband, and the Tone It Up Community on Instagram to find renewed energy and motivation!

Everyone was so positive and encouraging. They told me that it’s just life and there was no reason to be embarrassed.

I didn’t “fail” I was just still learning.

That experience taught me a valuable lesson.

There is no “finish line” where you are done with your health & it will just maintain itself. I needed to be invested in the lifestyle for the long haul.

Shame was only going to hold me back from accomplishing my goals!

  • How did you finally end the cycle of defeat?

With that new mindset and extra support I picked myself up and started again AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

I was able to lose 40 pounds, hit my goal weight, and have maintained my goal weight ever since!

I am so glad I had to courage to start again!

eliseleefit toneitup weight loss lose weight


  • What 1 piece of advice do you have for girls wanting to make a change?

The biggest piece of advice I have for girls looking for a physical change is to start with food! My biggest tip for success in this area is MEAL PREP. When it comes to meal prep, simple is better.

We are busy! Of course we want to eat healthy and get our dream bod but I don’t have some chef to hand make amazing healthy dishes for me every day! (we wish).

If I am busy and hunger strikes I’m going to go for the easy option.

If i’m not prepared, I will be at the mercy of whatever fast food, staff lounge, or convenience store is closest!

If I am prepared and have healthy snacks easily available then I WILL reach for them!

  • Your main meal-prep tip?

Find a meal prep system that works for you and perfect it.

When I started meal prep took me 2.5 hours. Now I can be done in an hour easy.

Pick recipes you know and LIKE! No point in eating foods your don’t enjoy! 


Different muffins for every day is going to take TIME. I don’t have time for that and neither do you!

Make meals that you know are easy and you can use multiple times a week! Maybe its a salad mix you love or baked chicken with a simple seasoning that you can use for lunch or dinner!

Go to snacks are key as well! My favorites are veggies and hummus, banana, apple, peppers, or a protein bar under 200 calories. Fit girls ALWAYS be packin snacks! 😉 Plus, most of those snacks take little to no prep time!


  • How can we stay in touch & keep up with your journey?

The two best ways to see where I’m at and what i’m up to are:

On my instagram @eliseleefit or on my blog

I’ll see you on the Gram! Thanks for hanging out with me!

I hope that Elise showed you that success is possible! And that living a healthy lifestyle starts with seeing your worth in who God says you are.

And from there, so many doors open once you start to live your life with confidence, end the cycle of defeat & have more love in yourself to pour out to others.

I’m so happy to have shared her journey!

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