Girl Boss Interviews

This is a weekly segment where I interview amazing ladies who have challenged the status quo, ended the cycle of defeat in their lives & persevered to pursue their passions in life by using wellness/health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) to shape where they are today & help them persevere on their journey to living their best lives! Where this is different than other interviews is that these girls haven’t advanced so far to where they’re untouchable & unreachable like many successful influencers/entrepreneurs. They’re still hustling their tails off to see success & eager to give advice to any ear that’s willing to listen & take their step in pursuing their passions! They’re essentially the future Oprah’s and Lysa TerKeurst’s of our day.


Think you’d like to be featured in one of our interviews? Do you have a story of triumph? Have you been brave enough to pursue big goals in your life? Whether that’s in business, health, or life in general?

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