5 Quick Tips To Feel More Confident

We all have those days where when you wake up, you feel like a sack of potatoes.

When the circles under your eyes are extra dark, your hair is skillfully flat AND frizzy, your eyelashes clump together, you have more pimples than you can count, your clothes are wrinkled and all you want to do is run home, take off your bra, and watch Grey’s.

Since I’ve gotten married, I feel like these days are more often than not. I haven’t been able to find my “groove”. Every morning starts off all slow and sweet with coffee and quiet time, and ends with a dash for the front door, splashing my left over coffee all over my work pants.

Every morning starts with good intentions to wake up, do quiet time, workout, eat a solid breakfast and leave by 7:15.

But 9 times out of 10 that never happens.

So those days when my coffee stained “fat pants” are the only ones I can fit into barely fit anymore, I am in desperate need for some advice on how to feel like my best self.

Can I get an amen?!

So, I’m here to save the day!

Here’s a practical 5 step process to guarantee you’ll feel confident and beautiful.


But it may not be what you expect….

Try these 5 things every time you start to hate your body, compare yourself to other women, or if you simply can’t get your “fat pants” on.

  1. Speak TRUTH over yourself

Whenever negative thoughts creep in – tell yourself what you do like about yourself – and speak the opposite of the negative things you’re feeling (even if you don’t believe them).

If you’re insecure about your hair and your around a girl whose perfect hair makes you feel insecure, tell yourself: “I love my hair – only I have hair like this & I wouldn’t choose to have anybody else’s”.

  1. Highlight your “flaws”.

If you hate your legs, wear something that shows them off. If you hate your arms, start saying “I love my arms.” If you wish your hair was “prettier”, wear it down and rock it out. Fight evil with truth. You have to start replacing the negative with positive.

  1. Don’t do ANYTHING with the sole purpose of trying to change yourself.

Let everything you do be done to highlight the inner self and the outer beauty you already have. Eat kale to feel good, not to lose weight. Go for a run to release stress, not have a smaller body.

When you operate out of gratitude, not grief, magic happens.

  1. Uplift Other Women (Especially the ones you envy)…

You’d be surprised how hard this is, y’all. This goes back to fighting lies with truth. When we start seeing other women as beautiful, then we start to reflect that upon ourselves. You know how in need of a compliment you are today? So is the girl next to you.

  1. Swoon Yourself

I know, it sounds crazy. But there is something SO freeing about looking in the mirror, smiling at yourself and saying “Dang, I look good!” Or “I rocked at my job today.”

Sometimes, I’ll even throw a little self-hug in there because, why not?!

Girls, beauty is a fact. Not something that’s earned.

Do you choose to KNOW that you’re beautiful today despite whether you feel your thinnest, tannest, best dressed, and whatever else you deem as beautiful?

For the longest time, I let the opinions of others and perfect images on instagram dictate how I felt about me and my body.

Instead of exercising and eating healthy because I loved and respected myself, I did these things to prove to the world: “Soon enough I’ll be thin and have envy worthy abs – you’ll see!!!”

But we don’t realize is that beauty is one of those things that someone can never take away from us.

And I’m not talking about just inner beauty here… God literally hand-crafted your body- those hips you hate? HE PURPOSEFULLY DESIGNED those to fulfill HIS SPECIFIC purpose that He has for YOU and YOUR LIFE.

No comment from a stranger, or any sell out image from society can force you to feel ANYTHING. Every out poor of hate is simply an outcry from a soul that doesn’t know it’s worth.

Beauty is one of those things that not even YOU can discredit from God.

You are HIS masterpiece – and if HE claims you as beautiful – then beautiful you will be.

So live in what is true – walk in the light – and stop lurking in the shadows of society’s impossible standards.

If society actually told us the TRUTH – that you’re perfect and beautiful – they would stop making money on diet pills, overpriced “health foods”, exercise equipment, and gym memberships.

If us women were actually told the truth from DAY ONE – we would all see ourselves as beautiful. 

But if you’re not seeking truth then you’ll never find it.

It is continuously and effortlessly woven throughout scripture. God KNEW us women would wrestle & dance with these lies time and time again. So He’s equipped us with armor to fight for what is true.

Song of Solomon 4:7 – “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

If we start being thankful for our bodies for how they are – then our actions will follow..

When we stop seeing our bodies as our own – to hate, neglect, & abuse but instead, see them as property of God, our hearts will start to take a new position.

What would the world look like if we operated out of self love instead of self loathing?

The most important part of all of this is: Don’t do it with the mindset that self love will soon give you the body you want. Do it with the mindset that you’re healing your heart & renewing your mind to see yourself the way God made you – perfect.

So, ask yourself: how can I love myself better on the days that I need it most?

I know these things may seem so basic but when you start making these thoughts habits in your life, you’ll eventually start to believe that you’re worth something, confidence will fill your cup & it will change your life and your relationship with others.

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Comment below how you can start operating out of self-love instead of self-loathing.

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