Nutrition + Habit-Based Coaching

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My method is different from most nutritionists or lifestyle coaches. By mixing nutrition research, personality studies, and psychology into one systematic approach I partner with you to help you ease into a thriving, yet intrinsically calm healthy lifestyle. Where you OWN your day, learn to release the results and find happiness in the habits. HOW you show up is the new goal. Not necessarily the physical results that you yield.

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Stop fighting your mind and your body – and start working with them to land at a happy place mentally, thriving place physically, and peaceful place spiritually.

To Be Expected:

  • Nutrition coaching
    • Including: Guidelines, Recipes, Habit Hacking Tips and Tricks.
  • Fitness Guidance
    • For balanced function and overall performance based on your needs/desires/time.
  • Accountability
    • Continued Coaching and check-ins + Access to Accountability with other Wellness Watered clients via a private facebook group.

Program Overview:

  • PHASE 1: Pre-coaching assessment
  • PHASE 2: Personalized programming
  • PHASE 3: Weekly + monthly check-ins

only accepting a limited number of new clients per month.

Why Work with me?

  • Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach** – the industry’s top nutrition education program.
  • I personally maintained a 25 pound weight-loss for 12 years based on my own personal nutrition + training philosophy.
  • A previously paid professional Track & Field coach – creating customized training programs based on athlete’s goals.
  • An abundance of personally created and tested fitness programs based on functionality, form, and joyful movement.
  • Found lasting peace after years of obsessive “clean eating”, calorie counting, and extreme over-exercise.
  • On an athletic sports teams for 15 years.
    • Regional Track & Field qualifier multiple years in a row.
  • And a 12 year long passion + drive to help others feel their best physically, have more mental space, live freely, and pursue what really matters in life. Long before #fitfam, instagram, and booty building programs were all the rage.

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Disclaimer: I currently pursuing a nutrition certification in addition to my base of 11 years of hands-on experience, extensive research, and helping others with these practices.

**currently finishing PN-1 Certification